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Secret Sellout or Pay to Play? Terry McAuliffe’s Parting Gift to Dominion Energy and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline | Blue Virginia

“in the unanticipated event that the Project fails to obtain and maintain State Approvals.” The key word there is “unanticipated.” It suggests that Dominion was not just capping its liability but rather trading $58 million for a commitment from McAuliffe that the pipeline would be approved – a commitment that rejection would be, in the […]


Heroic fusion: Pop culture meets Indigenous tradition in When Raven Became Spider –

When Raven Became Spider is anexhibit showcasing comic book imagery combined with stories and themes from traditional and contemporary Indigenous culture, on until Oct. 29. And the colourful, pop-art style pieces present a unique take on everyone’s favourite superheroes. Source: Heroic fusion: Pop culture meets Indigenous tradition in When Raven Became Spider –

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County Commissioners Express Concern Over Suggested “Consultation Planning Zone”

County Commissioners in one North Carolina County unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday, October 17 expressing concerns over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline what they term a development dead zone. The resolution states that the proposed natural gas pipeline will cause a development dead zone 1,300 feet wide by 12 miles long running through “the heart […]

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‘Deer Woman: An Anthology’ Sheds Light on Violence Against Native Women in North America · Global Voices

Deer Woman is a figure who appears in numerous Native traditions across North America. Although her story takes on different shapes and forms, in many versions Deer Woman “is a powerful, spirit-being meant to remind us (People of creation) to remember our responsibilities, to tend the fire, and to be aware of the powerful forces […]