Heroic fusion: Pop culture meets Indigenous tradition in When Raven Became Spider –

When Raven Became Spider is anexhibit showcasing comic book imagery combined with stories and themes from traditional and contemporary Indigenous culture, on until Oct. 29. And the colourful, pop-art style pieces present a unique take on everyone’s favourite superheroes. Source: Heroic fusion: Pop culture meets Indigenous tradition in When Raven Became Spider –

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Featured Stories

County Commissioners Express Concern Over Suggested “Consultation Planning Zone”

County Commissioners in one North Carolina County unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday, October 17 expressing concerns over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline what they term a development dead zone. The resolution states that the proposed natural gas pipeline will cause a development dead zone 1,300 feet wide by 12 miles long running through “the heart […]

Culture Featured Stories

‘Deer Woman: An Anthology’ Sheds Light on Violence Against Native Women in North America · Global Voices

Deer Woman is a figure who appears in numerous Native traditions across North America. Although her story takes on different shapes and forms, in many versions Deer Woman “is a powerful, spirit-being meant to remind us (People of creation) to remember our responsibilities, to tend the fire, and to be aware of the powerful forces […]

Atlantic Coast Pipeline

WV MetroNews – State water quality permits among those still pending for Atlantic Coast, Mountain Valley pipelines

The FERC steps represent project progress, but are not the final steps in permitting processes that started years ago. “Both pipelines still need state permits. They both still need other federal permits as well,” said Kelly Martin, director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Dirty Fuels Campaign. Water quality permits are among those still pending. “They […]

Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Politicians react to FERC pipeline certifications | Roanoke County News |

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine used the phrase “very suspicious circumstances” Monday to describe how a federal agency announced it had approved two deeply controversial natural gas pipelines that will burrow through different regions of Virginia. “When somebody puts something out at 7 o’clock Friday night, they’re trying to hide it,” Kaine said. “That means they’re […]

Atlantic Coast Pipeline

W.Va. appears poised for economic boom times | Editorial |

The West Virginia Oil & Natural Gas Association predicts the approval of the pipeline projects signals “the start of what may be one of the largest private sector infrastructure investments in West Virginia history, providing tens of thousands of jobs and tremendous economic investment for the state. Source: W.Va. appears poised for economic boom times […]

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Environmental Featured Stories

Will Tree Clearing for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Begin In November?

In the weeks leading up to the FERC approval of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, several news articles were published speculating that tree clearing would begin for the pipeline as soon as mid November. The Roanoke Times first mentioned in an article published on September 28th that there was a push to begin tree clearing by […]

Environmental Southeast

WV MetroNews – Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines gain federal approval

Federal regulators have approved two major natural gas pipelines that would start in West Virginia and supply the eastern seaboard.The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved both the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the Mountain Valley Pipeline on Friday evening. Source: WV MetroNews – Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines gain federal approval